MobilityData envisions a world where people can choose ways to travel other than driving solo, whether by walking, cycling, carpooling, or using public or on-demand transit. Our team strives to make it easy and efficient for travelers to access integrated modes of transportation wherever they go.

Board of directors

MobilityData benefits from the expertise of an international board of directors.

Our team

The MobilityData team includes transportation thinkers and technical experts.

Our growing team also features policy and technical experts, senior developers, and transit data specialists.


Slideshow Items

  • MobilityData began as a project of Rocky Mountain Institute in 2015, when we began developing the GTFS Best Practices and improving mobility data to provide better tools for the transit data industry. We gathered transit stakeholders to identify and solve technical and organizational challenges.

  • In 2018, MobilityData received sponsorship from major partners in the mobility data industry.
    That same year, MobilityData led the improvement and development of the GTFS format. We initiated a conversation between major stakeholders to identify areas for development of the GTFS (e.g. fares, flex, pathways, and real-time).

  • In 2019, the non-profit MobilityData IO was established in Montréal, Canada. We assembled an international board and ten team members later that year.

  • Today, MobilityData is also working on the equivalent of GTFS in the shared mobility world, the GBFS format, as a subcontractor of NABSA.

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