Better transportation
through data

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Travelers want directions they can trust. Reliable directions require high-quality data.

To provide reliable and intuitive travel directions, public agencies, cities, and private companies need shared languages and tools. MobilityData meets that need: we are a non-profit organization that improves and extends data formats, making them easier to use through training, documentation, open-source software, online services, and more. We also create spaces for knowledge exchange, bringing together public and private stakeholders to build the mobility of today and tomorrow.

MobilityData has a membership-based structure. We develop systemic solutions to support our members, and, by extension, the whole mobility industry, as they work through the challenges they face.

What We Do

We improve the traveler experience through standardized, high quality, comprehensive, discoverable, and up-to-date data.

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We increase the comprehensiveness of data formats so that more service features can be represented in apps.

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We enhance the accuracy and quality of data to ensure that the information travelers see in an app reflects the real world.

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We advocate for the adoption of standardized formats so that mobility data is available across different regions and operators.

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We ease the discoverability of data through online archiving, referencing and metadata.

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  • What we do
  • What we do