What We Do

MobilityData is an industry facilitator with a proven ability to reach out to international stakeholders, identify needs, and propose systemic solutions.

MobilityData accelerates the development and adoption of mobility specifications such as GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification), including its real-time extensions, and GBFS (General Bikeshare Feed Specification) by providing technical know-how and tools. We also create new specifications, host training, and develop working groups in response to the mobility industry’s needs.

Specifications Tools & Services

We extend data formats so that travelers get more comprehensive information

  • We survey the needs of stakeholders
  • We prepare draft data formats
  • We facilitate conversations in the mobility community to improve and finalize data formats
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We develop tools and resources that encourage data standards adoption, and we ensure data quality

  • We produce open source canonical validators with open source converters (GTFS to NeTEx)
  • We create repositories of data feeds to make them more discoverable
  • We host various technical and practical learning opportunities for mobility stakeholders

We bring together international stakeholders

  • We identify shared needs
  • We solve problems collaboratively
  • We create common development opportunities
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The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) is the de facto standard for transit passenger information. GTFS allows transportation service providers to share their geographic, schedule, fare, real-time, and other data with traveler-facing applications.

MobilityData builds on past successes to accelerate the development of GTFS and other mobility data formats. Visit the GTFS Resource Center to learn more.

GTFS Documentation Platform
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The General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) was initially developed by the North American Bikeshare Association (NABSA) following the GTFS example. GBFS has become the de facto data exchange standard for shared mobility information, allowing operators to describe available vehicles and exchange other details with data-consuming applications.

MobilityData has partnered with NABSA to ensure the ongoing development of the specification. Visit the GBFS Resource Center to learn more.

GBFS Documentation Platform
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  • Tools
  • Tools
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Tools and services

To improve quality and encourage the use of standardized data, MobilityData is developing and managing various tools and resources.

  • OpenMobilityData: a worldwide repository of GTFS datasets
  • Mobility Database: a semantic database with stable IDs for mobility entities and infrastructure such as transit agencies, stops, and routes
  • Canonical Validator: a tool for data producers to test their datasets and ensure their quality
  • Mobility Archives: a storage unit (repository) containing the past and current versions of GTFS datasets (and soon GBFS datasets)
  • Specification Converters: an operational tool to convert GTFS into NeTEx