MobilityData helps all stakeholders in the mobility industry improve and use standardized data.

MobilityData members are key players in the mobility industry. They know that robust, broadly-adopted data standards make it easier for travelers to find, understand, pay for, and use transportation options like public transit, shared mobility, on-demand transit, or their own two feet.

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Benefits overview

MobilityData-led specifications are open projects that aim to extend and improve official mobility data formats (such as GTFS and GBFS). Transit agencies, software developers, and other stakeholders in the community actively participate in specification improvements and extension development.

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Membership Fees

The following provides an overview of MobilityData’s membership dues schedule based on organization type, expressed in CAD. Our memberships are designed to provide an option that is suitable for each organization’s needs and budget.

To visualize our membership fees in other currencies, you can refer to our membership program for 2021-2022 or download the fees details expressed in EUR or USD.

  • Bronze levelFree of charge
    Silver level3,500 CAD
    Gold level5,800 CAD
    Platinum level10,000 CAD
    Diamond level18,500 CAD
  • Bronze levelFree of charge
    Silver level5,800 CAD
    Gold level10,000 CAD
    Platinum level18,500 CAD
    Diamond level25,500 CAD
  • Bronze level2,000 CAD
    Silver level5,800 CAD
    Gold level10,000 CAD
    Platinum level18,500 CAD
    Diamond level25,500 CAD


  • Bronze level2,200 CAD
    Silver level10,500 CAD
    Gold level13,000 CAD
    Platinum level19,000 CAD
    Diamond level26,000 CAD
  • Bronze level2,500 CAD
    Silver level18,500 CAD
    Gold level25,000 CAD
    Platinum level31,500 CAD
    Diamond level47,500 CAD

Our Members

Below is the list of all our members. Our voting members are from the Silver level and higher.

The list can also be downloaded.


  • State of California


  • Apple
  • Google



Bronze - Private sector

Bronze - Government & Non-Profit