The Team

Our growing team features policy and technical experts, senior developers, and data specialists.

Executive Director

Eric Plosky

Deputy Executive Director

Élisabeth Poirier-Defoy

Director of Operations

Jessica Circé

Global Engagement Director

Heili Toome

Director, Partnerships North America

Gretchen Newcomb

Senior Software Developer

Jean-Claude Pitre

Product Manager, Public Transit

Emma Blue

Transit Data Analyst

Sergio Delgado Rodriguez

Project Manager, Growth

Cristhian Hellion Avila

Community Manager

Elias Gino Cripotos

Front-end Software Developer

Alessandro Kreslin

Product Manager, Shared Mobility

Fabien Richard-Allouard

Communications Advisor

Shea Angus

Membership Coordinator

Amélie Pavia

Organizational Development and Employee Experience Advisor

Karine Lavergne