The Team

Our growing team features policy and technical experts, senior developers, and transit data specialists.

Elisabeth Poirier-Defoy headshot
Deputy Executive Director, Communication & Academy

Élisabeth Poirier-Defoy

Carl Fredlund headshot
Director, Product - Public Transit

Carl Fredlund

Heidi Guenin Headshot
Director - Product, Shared Mobility

Heidi Guenin

Tu-Tho Thai headshot
Director, Partnerships Europe & Events

Tu-Tho Thai

Gretchen Newcomb headshot
Director, Partnership North America

Gretchen Newcomb

Chris Hagerbaumer headshot
Director, Special projects

Chris Hagerbaumer

Newton Davis headshot
Community & Partnership, Europe

Newton Davis

Cristhian Hellion Avila headshot
Product Manager, Transit Data

Cristhian Hellion Avila

Isabelle de Robert headshot
Product Manager, Open Source

Isabelle de Robert

Scott McCallum headshot
Data Specialist, Public Transit

Scott McCallum

Lionel Nébot Janvier headshot
Software Developer

Lionel Nébot Janvier

Mitch Vars headshot
Senior, Shared Mobility Specialist

Mitch Vars

Josee Sabourin headshot
Shared Mobility Specialist

Josée Sabourin

Valerie Giguere headshot
Administrative Coordinator

Valérie Giguère

Stephanie Yorke headshot
Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Yorke