2023 MobilityData European Workshop

A 2-day event dedicated solely to mobility through the lens of data.

An event for mobility data enthusiasts working on data standardization looking to exchange and leverage its full potential. Taking place in the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain, on September 5th and 6th, this workshop is a great opportunity to join technical discussions, participate in workshops, and collaborate on solving specific challenges.

Day 1 - 9AM-4:00PM
Day 1 Happy Hour - 4:30PM-6:30PM (off-site)
Day 2 - 9AM-4:30PM

Universitat Politècnica de Valencia

The event content

What can you expect for these two days?

💡Dive deep into working sessions and solve specific challenges in data standardization

🍽️ Enjoy catered lunches

☕️ Recharge during coffee breaks

🍻 Unwind and network during the happy hour sessions

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to solve problems, network, and engage in important discussions.

Public Transit Sessions

But Does it Work? Improving the Test Process for Changes to GTFS

Join us in this interactive workshop to brainstorm solutions for a more thorough, inclusive, and transparent GTFS change testing process.


Participants will work in small groups to identify alternate governance processes for testing, and draft ideas.


Let's collaborate to create a user-friendly GTFS that meets the needs of the community.

Bridging NeTEx and GTFS: Driving Interoperability

As NeTEx and GTFS both grow, how do we ensure interoperability between the two specifications?


In Part 1 of this session, you’ll hear from data producers, consumers, and regulators who regularly use and integrate NeTEx and GTFS together.


In Part 2, participants will identify solutions in small groups for how to enhance collaboration in spec and tools development.


Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of transit data!

Shaping the Future of Mobility Data Quality

As cities and transportation networks become increasingly connected and data-driven, it is crucial to address the quality of the data that underpins these systems. The workshop will be a collaborative platform to examine the challenges and opportunities associated with ensuring high-quality mobility data in the rapidly changing technological era.


Get ready to ignite your creativity and redefine the possibilities that high-quality transit data unlocks!


Some of the questions we will be exploring are:


-- What new innovations, traveler experiences, and partnerships can emerge from having publicly accessible high quality transit data?

-- How can emerging technologies and evaluation methodologies contribute to improving the quality of transit data?

-- How do new European regulations and emerging National Access Points affect the data quality ecosystem?

-- What policy and governance frameworks are necessary to support data quality initiatives?

-- How can data validation and verification techniques be enhanced to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of mobility data?

Shared Mobility Sessions

Maximizing the potential of the GBFS Validator

A specification is only as good as the data it produces. The GBFS Validator is a tool to ensure the utmost quality of GBFS data.


This particular tool has been gaining popularity in recent months, and we would like to make it as useful and valuable as possible for you, the users. Together let’s decide which features should be included in our next iteration of improvements and tackle some quick wins together.


Don’t have a technical background? Do not fear! This workshop is open to anyone and everyone

Staying in touch: Creating a shared vision for the GBFS Issue Tracker

After a wonderful discussion on validating datasets, we now must ask ourselves, how do we flag information on data quality back to the data producers? How do we know if our flag has been received? Has someone else already flagged this?


As a group, we will take a look at existing GBFS issue trackers and decide if and how we, as a community, can ensure the best GBFS datasets are in circulation. We will dream big about all the possibilities for this tool and then turn those dreams into plans

GBFS Governance

Have you ever thought to yourself, I want to get involved in GBFS, but I don’t know how? Are you currently involved in GBFS but are confused about your role in the process? Have you looked at “Governance & Overview of the Change Process” and been overwhelmed by all that text?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, this session is for you.

Join us in clarifying the GBFS Governance Process itself and the way it is presented to the community so it is as clear as possible and welcoming to all. This will take place in two parts.


First, we will decide what kind of amendments we would like to suggest, maybe even open the proposal to the whole community!


In the second portion, we will ensure the governance process is accessible to everyone.

Sponsorship details

Discover the sponsorship program for details on the sponsorship opportunities here.

Get involved

Reach out to partnerships@mobilitydata.org for sponsorship opportunities.


We would like to sincerely thank our partners for supporting the 2023 MobilityData European Workshop.

OpenTripPlanner (OTP) Event

Our partner OpenTripPlanner (OTP), an open-source software project that provides passenger information and transportation network analysis services is co-hosting their European summit with us at Valencia Polytechnic University! Their event is taking place on September 7th and 8th. You are welcome to attend both events.