June 9, 2023 1:15 pm

Event recording: GTFS Components Discussion

MobilityData hosted a public online discussion on GTFS-Components on May 31st, 2023.

The discussion was presented by two MobilityData team members: Isabelle de Robert, Product Manager for Public Transit, and Elias Gino Cripotos, our Community Manager for Transit Specifications.

If you missed this discussion, you can check the video recording, slides, and Miro board. All the content is in this Google Drive folder.


  • Why GTFS Components
  • Use cases
  • Considerations
  • Q & A
  • Discussion in smaller groups
  • Conclusion

It was great to see that the GTFS-components discussion brought together stakeholders from all walks of life. Through two workshop activities in breakout rooms, the ca. 45 participants exchanged valuable and actionable insights and took the time to network. We look forward to hosting more interactive events like these. Thank you for joining us! We appreciate your involvement.

Description of the discussion

💡 Ignite Collaboration, Drive Innovation 💡

GTFS is becoming more complex as it encompasses more concepts, making it difficult to comprehend what can be represented using it. To address this issue, MobilityData is working on defining the different GTFS Components that exist, which will offer a clear and definitive definition of what GTFS can do.

At this event, we brought together brilliant minds, industry experts, and passionate community members to engage in meaningful discussions about GTFS Components. Our primary focus was on understanding the community’s needs and ensuring that we are on the right track toward meeting them.

🌟 Engage, Share, and Empower the GTFS Community 🌟

This event was not just a discussion; it was an opportunity for stakeholders to play an active role in shaping the future of GTFS Components. Stakeholder’s input, ideas, and perspectives are invaluable, and were encouraged to participate wholeheartedly.

🎯 Who was invited? 🎯

Transportation data enthusiasts, developers working with GTFS, public transit professionals, anyone with a deep interest in advancing the field of transportation data was welcome. Whether they were seasoned experts or just getting started, everyone’s presence enriched the discussions and helped us achieve our goals.