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Autonomy Digital 2.0

Panel at Autonomy Digital 2.0: Rediscovering “new” mobility modes post Covid-19 and how they shape the cities


  • Erdem Ovacik, Donkey Republic, Co-founder & CEO
  • Miryad Ali, French National Access Point (transport.data.gouv.fr), Open Data Manager
  • Pierre Carbonne, enRoute, Head of Marketing
  • Scott Shepard, Iomob, VP Global Public Sector
  • Tu-Tho Thai, MobilityData, Director, Partnerships Europe & Events

Panel details

The pandemic of Covid-19 had a large impact on mobility. For some cities, it came with a surge in biking and pop-up bike lanes, creating a sudden surge in the demand for “new” mobility modes. Looking forward, this will shape our new cities and mobility durably. Our panelists will discuss:

  • New mobility modes and their meaning
    The pandemic put more people on bikes, scooters, and other new modes. While some cities created pop-up bike lanes, operators are looking into making these new habits sustainable in the long run. What does it imply from the operators’ viewpoint?
  • How cities are going back to initial urban planning strategies
    With social distancing rules, most people have rediscovered their neighborhood. The 15-minutes city became a reality for most of them and their travels are getting shorter, closer. Some are saying it is how cities are supposed to be designed from now on, but were they not initial urban planning strategies?
  • The need for discoverability
    New modes, new journeys, new traveling habits: if anything it underlines the importance of making transportation options discoverable to all travelers. For more sustainable operations, vibrant cities, and an active population, one needs to know, understand, and plan seamlessly one’s journey balancing one’s needs with one’s impact.
  • Interoperability and its importance
    To make mobility options discoverable across platforms, apps, and others, there is the need for interoperability between the systems and the languages used. What are the different challenges of interoperability? How to map the different standards and make sure we move forwards? How to support operators to navigate these questions?
  • Multimodality and governance: challenges & opportunities
    To support the development of multimodality, the change of cities towards a greener and more sustainable approach of urban planning, there is the need to have stronger governance. What can public authorities do to support the industry?


May 20, 2021
18:10 - 19:00 UTC+2