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GTFS-Flex Working Group Meeting

👋 After a 2 month break, we can finally resume the GTFS-Flex working group meeting. This meeting is intended to facilitate the adoption process of GTFS-Flex as described in this Pull Request on GitHub.

In the last 2 months, we held 2 meetings concerning the inclusion of GeoJSON in GTFS. Here were some highlights:

🌐 In total, we had 73 participants from across the globe
🤝 We reached a soft consensus on moving forward with GeoJSON as the format for zones [locations.geojson] within the GTFS-Flex extension.
⏸️ The use of shapes and stops will remain unchanged for now as these seem to be needing more discussion.
⚠️ During this meeting, we will discuss the remaining outstanding items that are currently blocking the extension from being put to a vote.

⏳ The meeting will be held at 5pm EDT on November 1 ,2023. We understand that this is an unusual time for many of you but as a commitment to our global stakeholders in all timezones, we promised to accommodate them too when the time came.

🚂 Ideally, we can find consensus on these issues and then draw a clear path towards a vote for adoption.

Meanwhile, we would like to invite you to join the GTFS community in the following discussions:

♾️ Continue the GeoJSON in GTFS discussion on GitHub.
📫 Join the GTFS-Flex discussion and contribute to its official adoption.
🕸️ Visit the GTFS-Flex extension webpage and help us keep it up to date by adding your current experimental GTFS-Flex implementations.
🔔 Join the larger GTFS community on MobilityData’s slack and remain up to date with developments.
Can’t make the meeting? no problem.

Write down your comments and concerns in the GitHub Pull Request. We will also summarize the meeting in the GitHub Pull Request.


Contact us at specification@mobilitydata.org. We can provide you with a recording or a summary