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GTFS Trip-Modifications – Discussing the Proposal

👋 This meeting is intended to facilitate discussions around the GTFS Trip-Modifications proposal by Transit and Swiftly.

Trip-Modifications are modifications done to a trip to modify its shape, remove stops that are not served anymore, and potentially add temporary stops. Trip-Modifications is mainly used in a detour use case.

📝 The topics of discussion are:

  • GTFS-TripModification vs NewTrips
  • Stop sequence vs reference with only stop id
  • Bus bridge proposal
  • Potential new or experimental fields : last updated timestamp, link with service alerts

🚂 Ideally, we can find consensus on these issues.

🤓 Learn more about GTFS Trip-Modifications by reading the following blog posts:

🔔 Join the larger GTFS community on MobilityData’s slack and remain up to date with developments.

Can’t make the meeting? no problem.

Write down your comments and concerns in the GitHub Pull Request. We will also summarize the meeting in the GitHub Pull Request.


Contact us at specification@mobilitydata.org