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GTFS-Flex – Technical Working Meeting

This meeting is public and designed for the community working with GTFS feeds. The content of this event is technical and not destined for business development.


  • Type of meeting: Technical specifications discussion
  • Date: Wednesday, August 2
  • Time: 11:00 EST (08:00 PST – 17:00 CET)
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Host: Elias Gino Cripotos and Tzu-Jen Chan
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📢 Join us for the GTFS-Flex: Technical Working Meeting, where we’ll discuss the outstanding issues in the Pull Request. Expect to get technical and specific in this meeting. Our goal is to form a consensus on these issues and push forward to implementation. Furthermore, we will confirm the early adopters during the meeting as well as define the requirements of implementation.

🗒️ Agenda

  1. PR Review
  2. Issue Review
  3. Confirmation on First Adopters
  4. Next steps

We expect this meeting to last about 1 hour. Format will prioritize guided discussion over presentation.

🌟 Recommended resources to review before the meeting:

  • GTFS Amendment Process: Whether you are new to GTFS or a seasoned veteran, reviewing the principles of the current amendment process allows for better understanding of what each party might be responsible for. I.e.: Consumers, Producers, First Adopters, and Advocate.
  • GTFS-Flex overview: Here you will find a description of GTFS-Flex and a quick overview of the spec. We invite you to contribute to the Adoption Tracker here as well as share your future outlook on flex in the Parking lot ideas section. At the end of the page, you can review the glossary section to familiarize yourself with the international usage of terms like dial-a-ride.
  • GTFS Slack: MobilityData hosts this slack channel so that you can communicate with the greater community in a shorter form messaging format.
  • GTFS-Changes – Google Group: This is an email chain for official GTFS announcements revolving around spec changes and longer form commentary.
  • Conceptual Working Meeting Recap: Catch on what was discussed last meeting and join in on
  • Meeting Minutes

👋 See you on August 2nd!