December 2, 2022 12:38 pm

MobilityData Announces Two New Members on the Board of Directors

Earlier this year, MobilityData announced the expansion of the Board of Directors, from three seats to five seats. Our Board of Directors is constituted of non-profit and public sector stakeholders that are all involved in the mobility ecosystem. After an online vote, we are now pleased to announce the two elected candidates! 

MobilityData voting members have elected Nina Kin (LA Metro, Los Angeles, USA) and Brede Dammen (Entur, Norway) to the Board of Directors. Congratulations!

MobilityData extends our thanks to all candidates who presented interest in supporting our growing organization, as well as voting members for their participation in this process. 

More information about our Board of Directors members will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Nina Kin – LA Metro
Brede Dammen – Entur