March 25, 2022 10:07 am

New website for GBFS documentation

One-stop resource for everything related to GBFS.

How can I produce and publish valid GBFS data? What tools are available? What is the latest GBFS reference documentation? We worked on improving the discoverability, clarity and depth of documentation around GBFS.

The result: a new website reimagined as the GBFS Documentation Platform is now hosted on

( 🧐 Not seeing anything new? Try clearing your web browser’s cache)

What’s new? 

Just like, the GBFS Documentation Platform runs on a brand new site generator (MkDocs) the documentation is automatically updated as the specification evolves. Additionally, there is more flexibility on the layout, and it is easier to get community contributions. We took this opportunity to review the  site organization to make it more user-friendly and straight-forward. You will now find 5 sections: 

  1. Home – this is the landing page of the GBFS Documentation Platform, here you’ll find buttons that take you to every other section of the site as well as a brief description of what GBFS is. 
  2. Specification – on this page you will find the current version of GBFS as well as a list of current change proposals being suggested, with links sending you to the finer details on Github. 
  3. Toolbox – here, you will find an extensive, although not exhaustive list of community tools and resources for GBFS, including our very own GBFS Validator. You can also find in this section a short glossary on the various terms you might encounter in your work with GBFS. You know a tool that isn’t in this list? Let us know by opening an issue.
  4. Learn – where various guides and white papers exist. For now, you can find our Policy Guides for both Americas and Europe. You will also find our Frequently Asked Questions here. 
  5. Participate – last, but certainly not least, in the Participate section you will find how to contribute to the specification, as well Documentation Platform itself.

We need you! 

As mentioned, this new framework allows for community contributions, since GBFS is an open specification, we wanted to extend that to the documentation. Are there things you need to be better equipped when it comes to GBFS?  Are there resources you have found that you’d like to share with the community?

These are all things we would like to publish, so let us know! It’s now easier than ever: visit the Participate page and submit your feedback there in the Contribute to this site section. For those of you who like Github, open an issue on the site’s repository. As always, we are also available to respond to any questions at