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Shared Mobility Rocks!

Less car ownership, more sustainable mobility, less emissions, and more urban space. What is the connection between all of them? Shared Mobility!

Queen, Neil Young, Tina Turner, The Tragically Hip, and Barenaked Ladies. What is the connection here? Rock of course!

What event do you get if you combine these elements? Shared Mobility Rocks!

The brilliant Shared Mobility Rocks brand was created by the Flemish NGOs Autodelen.net and Mpact for their annual unconvential shared mobility symposium. Modelling the event after a festival has allowed the organizer to infuse a different energy and really focus on how to make shared mobility rock from an operational and regulatory perspective.

The Shared Mobility Rocks adventure started in 2018 with the first edition in Aalst (Belgium). The second edition took place in 2019 in Brussels. Due to Covid-19, the third edition was postponed. Instead, we organised a student challenge to imagine the mobihub of the future. In 2021 we went on a 24 hour online tour around the world connecting with different studios from our home studio in Ghent (Belgium).

And in 2022, we hosted the fourth edition in Bremen. We welcomed over 200 participants from across Europe and the globe (Japan, Mexico or Uganda), enjoying the presentations from 50 speakers and moderators.

What started as a purely European event, has taken international guests by storm which is why Shared Mobility Rocks is going on tour: In 2023, movmi teamed up with Autodelen.net and Mpact to bring Shared Mobility Rocks to Vancouver.

While the focus on shared mobility and the rock vibe will remain the same, we’re doing things a little different this year:

1) We’re introducing a mini industry showcase at the event

2) We’re adding a pre-conference mingler the day before

3) We will be recording a live podcast on the day of the conference


September 13, 2023